Humorous doormats

Humorous doormats

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If you are tired of classic doormats, why not dare to be original with quirky and humorous models? This little note of fantasy on the landing of the door will have something to make your guests smile, announcing the relaxed and warm mood of your home sweet home! Here are some ideas to take.

Funny messages on the doormat

The classic "welcome" on the doormats is no longer unanimous: by dint of seeing it everywhere, diners hardly pay attention. To stand out, bet on funny and quirky messages! There is no shortage of ideas: "VIP", "the keys are not under the mat", "beware, nice dog", "this is not a flying carpet", "non-smoking area", "oh no, not yet you "or even a message on which we read" hello "when arriving and" goodbye "when leaving, thanks to the sense of writing. With one of these choices, there is a good chance that your guests will smile before stepping on the doormat ...

Fun patterned doormats

Playful patterned doormats are also a good choice for playing originality. They can look like an envelope, an animal or be covered with the man / woman logo usually confined to the offices, perfect for representing the life of a couple! On the price side, count between 20 and 35 €. So, inspired?