Pin-up lips in your decor!

Pin-up lips in your decor!

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Luscious lips inspire designers. Find decorative objects that lack neither daring nor sensuality and put a little spice and humor in your interior. Sofas, telephones, paintings, stickers, lamps or rugs take inspiration from our selection for a so sexy atmosphere!

On the walls

Do not resist the temptation to stick mouths on your walls ... or on your washing machine! The stickers, small formats or XXL sizes, indeed take the shape of the lips, available in colors inspired by lipsticks, for a guaranteed flashy effect! In ADzif , the stickers dress and brighten up the appliances. Find a shiny vinyl version on paradise and choose the size of your sticker, to place it above the sofa or your bed for example. Also think of paintings, especially the design models of J&J Moatti which signs a collection on canvas and plexiglass in 3D version.

Small decorative items

If you prefer to use the symbol of the mouth by small touch, you will be spoiled for choice with cushions, pillowcases or more unusual objects such as the glasses holder miss of the brand The lounge chair or the pink ceramic humidifier from Creativando . We also like the models of lip-shaped phones, especially the model Mick always shop at The lounge chair .


Put your buttocks on luscious scarlet lips with the version of the Bocca Sofa from the Italian house Heller ! A legendary Salvador Dali seat, made of soft, rotomolded soft resin, for two people. Also discover the smaller version: the sofa Kiss .