Dyson Hot AM05 blows cold and hot

Dyson Hot AM05 blows cold and hot

Last night I was invited to Dyson for the presentation of their brand new inventions. There was first a demonstration of the new Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner which I already knew existed, then it took a few hours before discovering the object that was really hiding behind this evening. You have certainly already heard of Dyson's bladeless fans, these funny machines that manage to circulate the air while transparent. So last night, we got to know the brand new version of the Air Multiplier: the Dyson Hot AM04. Not content with having cooled the air during our scorching summers, Dyson now intends to warm the atmosphere of our harsh winters.

Bladeless ventilation?

Always with the aim of putting only products that bring real innovation to the market, the Dyson team therefore invented this auxiliary heating which also has a ventilation function, all without blades. I would have liked to explain to you in more detail the technique which allows the Dyson Hot to blow a warm warm air but my notions of physics are very limited. From what I could understand, the air sucked in by the Dyson Hot is accelerated and sent into a small opening. It is the acceleration that will cause the air temperature to increase: in fluid mechanics, this is called the Venturi effect.

The interests of the Dyson Hot

In my opinion, the Dyson Hot has several interests. First of all, and this is what often makes Dyson strong, its aesthetic aspect. It has the advantage of being as beautiful as it is discreet, to the point that we can even sometimes forget its presence. But when the eyes meet him again, we are always pleasantly surprised. It is also precise since it can be adjusted to the nearest degree and will continuously analyze the temperature of the surrounding air. He can therefore get back on the road if he realizes that the temperature has dropped. In addition, it does not require the slightest effort because thanks to its remote control, you can control all its use by sitting wisely on your sofa Finally, practical detail, given its opening, it is very easy to clean: no blades, nor grates as we can often see on the auxiliary heaters, so all it takes is a swipe to make it look like new!

Small personal remark

If the Dyson Hot blows both hot and cold, it is not quite the same for the Dyson team which always makes a point of honor to warm the atmosphere! I would therefore like to thank Orlane, Sophie and Dimitri who are always sincerely enthusiastic, sympathetic and open to the work of bloggers. It is quite rare in this environment and that is the reason why I wanted to emphasize it. Dyson Hot, AM05, available in metal / blue and white / silver, from 349 euros.