Bird cages for a poetic setting

Bird cages for a poetic setting

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We see them everywhere, but not only perched on the trees. Converted into real decorative accessories, the bird cages take place in the house to reveal all the poetry and interior charm. A trend is born, presentation.

The bird cage becomes a decorative accessory

A birdcage without birds, this is an idea that challenges ... and that pleases! A craze which is explained by the delicate and light appearance of the object, whether it is its finely drawn lines or the poetic image which it evokes for us, namely, that of the nightingale which sings at loudly. In other words, the advantage of bringing this accessory reserved for the garden, into the interior decor, is essentially aesthetic. The staging is therefore first! And there are many possibilities available to you.

Staging ideas

You can for example hang a bird cage on the ceiling or simply put it on a chest of drawers by inserting a flowerpot or a garland of dragonflies that would seem to revolve around it. Another idea: you can choose to have a few candles in it to create an atmosphere that is both subdued and refined or simply opt for a birdcage candle holder version, like those offered at Maisons du Monde. If the desired effect is more impressive, why not put an XXL cage at the entrance of the show? Our favorite: the golden cages from Mis en Demeure give an ultra sophisticated look to the house. But children do not escape this original trend, to say the least! At Vertbaudet, there are giant tree branch stickers on which we hang a small colorful birdhouse to give volume to the walls and create a trompe-l'oeil effect.