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The red carpet makes its cinema in the living room

The red carpet makes its cinema in the living room

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At each film festival, the stars never stop walking the red carpet! How about a star carpet in your living room? Shaggy red carpet, unstructured red carpet or patterned red carpet, the hard part will be to choose!

The benefits of a red carpet

Red is a very stimulating color that stirs up passions. The hottest color of the spectrum will not fail to bring tone to your decor. You can use a red carpet to warm a room that seems cold or to bring color into your decor. In terms of morale, the red carpet boosts the ego by directly echoing the rugs of major events such as inaugurations and film festivals.

How to choose your red carpet?

There are a multitude of red carpets with very different sizes and shapes. To help you choose, think about the location you want to give it. In an entry, choose a thin carpet so as not to hinder the opening of the door. In a living room, you can afford all the extravagance. Then choose a monumental carpet with long shaggy wicks or an original puzzle-like shape. Also think of the very graphic patterns that will give character to your carpet and therefore to your room. Finally in your room, put on a small cozy carpet that you will use when getting off the bed. Discover our selection of red carpets for your interior: