Restoring radiance to an old frame

Restoring radiance to an old frame

Have you just hunted down an old frame whose reliefs you like very much but which is dirty, dull or even damaged? Here are some tips to easily restore it to shine.

Clean an old frame in the rules of art

The moldings and reliefs of the old frames are dust nests. To thoroughly clean them, apply a specific cleaning product for frames and paintings using a brush such as a stencil brush. While the support is still wet, dab gently with a cotton wick. Work on small areas as you go. For hard to reach areas, use a cotton swab. Once the whole frame is finished, dab with another wet brush and then pass a cotton wick to remove the water. Let it dry overnight.

Clean a current old frame

Apply methylated spirits to your frame using a cloth or soft toothbrush. Then polish with a chamois.

Clean a gold frame with gold leaf

Beat the egg white until stiff and mix in a few drops of alcohol vinegar. Apply a thick layer on the frame. Once this mixture is dry, brush with a soft brush.

Wax a frame

First prepare the surface by applying a "red plate" with a stencil brush. It is a special wax that will clog the pores and allow good adhesion of the gilding. Let dry and then polish the surface using a small brush and a cloth. Then apply the golden wax directly with your finger. Let dry then polish.

Gild a frame with gilded varnish

The golden varnish is also called liquid gilding. Pass the red plate beforehand as for a waxed frame. Let dry for a dozen hours then apply the varnish to brown, having taken care to mix it well. Leave to dry for another 12 hours. If necessary, apply a second coat.