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Under the sign of yin and yang

Under the sign of yin and yang

Adopt the Zen attitude with a yin yang decor! Stickers, candle, switches, coffee table, stool ... discover our selection of decorative accessories and furniture inspired by this oriental symbol.


If you are looking for an original Zen piece of furniture, bet on pieces inspired by yin and yang. You will find shelves, coffee tables or even garden furniture. Composed of two commas, these pieces of furniture allow a freedom of arrangement: you link the two pieces, or not. This is the case of the solid rosewood coffee table model made in India. For designer interiors, you can equip yourself with the famous Tam-Tam stool, pop yin yang version in black and white.

Decorative accessories

To display your Zen spirit, go to the yin yang sticker, which is available for all tastes. You will also find a model to dress your iPhone. For the table, we offer a nestable salt and pepper shaker. And why not replace your unsightly electrical outlets with yin yang decorated outlets? Finally, for our four-legged friends, the comfortable and fluffy basket also goes into yin yang mode! Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"