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Scented candles that preserve air quality

Scented candles that preserve air quality

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Settling in a park or in the garden and breathing in the delicious scents that nature offers us, here is a summer pleasure that we would like to extend. That's good ! H2O, specialist in organic and eco-friendly solutions, presents a range of natural and non-polluting scented candles that bathe the interior of 5 different olfactory universes. Respect for nature and health.

Air quality first

"Expression Parfumée" is the title of the latest collection of candles signed H2O. A name that graciously evokes the 5 fragrances entirely formulated from 100% organic essential oils and natural plant extracts. But the very natural bias does not stop there. The candles themselves are composed of a cotton wick, lead-free and coated with palm stearin. The idea? To be able to create a subdued and fragrant atmosphere with candles while respecting the planet and above all, by promoting healthy breathing at home! And yes, you may not know it, but classic scented candles are made up of a polluting molecule: paraffin. So to assert an atmosphere full of well-being and softness in the decor without exposing yourself to additional toxins at home, natural candles like those of H2O are an ideal solution. Let yourself be seduced ... The H2O candles of 100 g are priced at 22 €. For more information, visit: