Cats in my decor

Cats in my decor

The cat, one of our favorite pets, makes the show in our decor! It is found on common or more unusual objects, in classic or design styles. Discover our selection highlighting these little purring mustaches.


The silhouette of the cat is used by many designers to act as a memo. In Amadeus , the round cat is made of wood. It is also found on slate stickers. It's up to you to find where to stick it: behind a door, on the fridge or on any smooth and clean surface. In Cocobohème , same principle with an eco-designed model.


The big trend is to personify the cat. It is therefore available on mugs or clocks, styled Audrey Hepburn at Manta Design . On the side of The lounge chair , the cat takes on the air of a cowboy or a disco dancer and invites himself on porcelain mugs with colored polka dots.


The cat also allows you to bring a touch of fantasy to everyday objects that are usually unattractive. This is the case with eco-designed cardboard hangers from Cocobohème , which allow us to stage our jewelry, scarves or little dresses. Let us not forget the Japanese kawaii style which obviously takes up the figure of the cat, symbol of prosperity and good luck. You will find it here in particular on a cup. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"