XXL stickers set the tone

XXL stickers set the tone

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Are you lacking ideas to give life to your walls? Think of giant stickers, an economic trick to assert a decorative atmosphere and attract the eye. Yes, facades see life in stickers, provided they do not go unnoticed. Long live the XXL size!

Why choose giant adhesives?

Adhesives are one of the least expensive solutions for appropriating walls. In just a few years, these wall accessories have taken a large place in the decoration, a success which is not unrelated to the considerable offer existing on the market. Among this wide choice, the giant stickers particularly attract attention: by their size, they prove to be very effective in planting a decor. Depending on the personality and age, it could be a silhouette of a guitarist in the bedroom, giant cutlery on a wall to delimit the kitchen space, a poppy or a giraffe in the living room. No need to repaint the entire room to change the decor, these XXL version adhesives create the spirit of the room from floor to ceiling. But that's not all ! It is also possible to customize them…

Ideas for personalizing XXL stickers: split decorative effect

Bring the walls to life with stickers, yes. But why not bring wall stickers to life to create a double decorative effect? For example, by choosing a tree sticker, it is possible to play on the concept of family tree by hanging photo frames on each of its branches. Another idea: by attaching coat hooks, it is transformed into a coat rack or a very original "bag holder".