Marine inspiration for a holiday spirit

Marine inspiration for a holiday spirit

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Are you dreaming of a seaside atmosphere and a decor with rustic charm? Here are some tips to give your interior the look of a holiday home while keeping a very traditional spirit.

Distill marine accessories with small touches

If you are not the happy heir of a fishing family, this is not a problem! Marine decor, new or used, is unearthed everywhere today. Several brands offer reissues of marine accessories (;…). Those who prefer the authentic will opt for flea markets or auction sites. It's up to you to play the fishing port atmosphere by cleverly distributing vintage nautical equipment, nautical prints, posters, paintings and model ships to your home! Beware, however, of the total look you could get tired of!

Light tones reminiscent of the "seaside" atmosphere

Two solutions are available to you to qualify your interior. Compose a seaside / romantic atmosphere by choosing only pastel shades (off-white, sky blue, linen). Or on the contrary use the clear colors of the fishing boats (red, parrot green, lagoon blue), always keeping a white background. We obviously banish all dark tones (khaki, plum ...) that do not really associate with the marine spirit.

A humorous recovery decor

Why not enliven the walls of his interior with his recovered finds? Fender, lifebuoy, vintage sardine box ... All accessories are pretexts for decoration! Do not hesitate to recycle marine materials. The sailcloth transforms into a dirty laundry bag, the wood of abandoned boats is reused in homemade furniture (folding screen, occasional bench ...), the pebbles slide on the table to serve as a knife holder ... With a little imagination each of your finds can be subtly integrated into your decor!

Decline a pattern endlessly

We focus on the art of accumulation by multiplying the same subject (fish, harbor lighthouse, boat, etc.) on different supports. The decoration brands offer a multitude of cushions, linens and dishes with which you can juggle for an interior that has seafaring! Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"