How to create a contemporary interior with charming accents?

How to create a contemporary interior with charming accents?

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We often think, wrongly, that the mixture of charm and modernity is not compatible. On the contrary, it gives relief to your decoration! It is all a question of dosage and subtlety…

Mix and match!

The trend is to mix styles! Do not hesitate to base yourself on the current decor of your interior and to introduce modern elements (furniture, lighting, etc.). Design furniture will be particularly highlighted in a Haussmannian interior or in a charming house (with exposed stone beams or walls). Another solution: the mixture of eras. It's up to you to imagine shock associations! Plexiglass chair and retro chest of drawers, farm table lit by a designer pendant light, modern canvas above a 19th century fireplace, neon cushions on a Louis XVI bench… Please note, modern does not necessarily mean design! It is entirely possible to revisit its interior while keeping a traditional atmosphere. Thus a room with charming accents can find a second breath thanks to a new carpet or curtains in more current tones.

Boost color and materials

The idea is to transform and illuminate its decoration to give it a touch of modernity. We re-upholster its boudoir armchairs with more current fabrics (and why not with vinyl!), The moldings are dressed in flashy colors, the kitchen elements take on another look with stickers or a brushstroke… We play with melts the recovery and customization card! Do not hesitate to repaint, sand, add accessories to update your charming furniture.

Details matter

A simple decorative element can transform an entire room on its own! An original headboard gives new life to a room with accents of the past, a retro style fridge with vitamin colors awakens a kitchen without losing its charm ... It's up to you to focus on a particular decorative element to modernize a piece. Also think of the re-editions of industrial or design furniture (Jieldé lamps, Y Chair, Eames armchair, etc.) which, thanks to their new colors, spice up the decor with an up-to-date touch. Some sure values ​​and the right accessories are therefore the pillars of a modern decoration with charming accents. You can compose it without completely changing your interior, just apply the right recipe! Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"