Synthetic grass on my wooden deck

Synthetic grass on my wooden deck

Wood is ideal for creating a very convivial space. It is installed both on the terrace and on the edge of a swimming pool for its very decorative aspect and its technical qualities. And to bring a touch of nature, we can now marry it with synthetic grass.

The advantages of wood

Wood is a noble and natural material which has many advantages. It is quick to install and easy to maintain. It has very good durability and stability over time. Finnforest blades are autoclaved to resist humidity, fungi and insects.

A decorative touch

The wooden decking boards are enriched with a touch of nature! Finnforest has created GrasseDeck®, a blade that combines white northern fir with synthetic grass for a unique result. The blades thus take a pretty green color in the manner of the lawn, maintenance less. These planks will be installed on balconies, around swimming pools as well as in gardens for a contemporary and natural spirit. You can even combine GrasseDeck® boards with other wooden boards to create original borders or aisles. More info on Discover the Finnforest synthetic wood and grass blades. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"