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Integrating vegetable fibers in a room

Integrating vegetable fibers in a room

Plant fibers are increasingly lining the floors of bedrooms. And for good reason, 100% natural, very decorative, resistant and inexpensive, seagrass, coconut and sisal are quality floor coverings that will embellish your rooms.

Above all natural fibers

Seagrass, coconut and sisal make very natural floor coverings. In fact, these vegetable fibers come from plants and therefore from raw materials. In addition, their manufacturing cycle generally excludes the addition of synthetic fibers, chlorine or solvents. Better still, some vegetable fibers are made from straw, pineapple fibers and horsehair!

Seagrass, very decorative

Seagrass is a successful plant fiber. From an aquatic plant of Japanese origin, it is produced in twisted, braided or seasoned form with shades ranging from beige to ocher. A very decorative material whose colors change over the years. Which will give your room a lot of charm. Very hard fiber by its texture, the seagrass will not be very comfortable for your bare feet the first days. But, it softens over time while retaining its natural warmth. Another quality, it is waterproof thanks to the addition of a layer of latex.

The coconut, very resistant

Coconut is a very resistant vegetable fiber from the bark of the famous coconut. The coconut floor coverings are braided, woven or herringbone. Their colors are varied, ranging from light beige to dark brown. Among the qualities of coconuts, its phonic and thermal insulating properties. But also its ability to hunt bacteria. Two essential assets for a room like the bedroom. Only downside, while the first layer of the coating is made of 100% natural coconut, the bottom layer is made of chemical additives…

The sisal, very elegant

Sisal comes from a plant in South America. Natural shine, sisal is sold dyed, woven, seasoned, looped or braided. The elegance, flexibility and softness are due to the very tight weaving: happiness for the feet! Sisal is also very aesthetic because it is available in shades such as ecru, hazelnut, blue, chocolate, silver. The sisal is known to give a chic style to the rooms. Only downside, its fragility. We therefore advise you to apply a waterproofing product to it. * Depending on the prices charged in store or online Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"