For a country style lounge, get inspired!

For a country style lounge, get inspired!

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With the beautiful season, we want fresh air and healthy to breathe and a patch of grass where to lay lazily ... We start to dream of a small house in the countryside and the charms of a stay at the farm. We are surprised to imagine an authentic home decor to feel closer to nature, to feel the benefits of the fresh air of the countryside! And who says country style does not necessarily say rustic style and completely outdated. You will be able to obtain a sober and contemporary living room while giving it a more country, more rural, more authentic spirit, for a convivial and warm room. For a country style lounge, you will need:

Fabrics made of natural and noble materials, such as cotton, linen, leather

Choose the heavy and comfortable without hesitation leather club sofas and armchairs or imitation leather with an aged effect. Decorate them with cotton or linen cushions, with large tiles for a rustic spirit or with small flowers for a more rural effect.

Raw or weathered materials

You will preferably choose imposing furniture solid oak, patinated or limed wood for an old effect. If you want to stay in a fairly modern style, take a straight dresser with sufficiently sober moldings. Likewise for the coffee table which you will preferably choose with thick and massive legs. Prefer terracotta and stone for the dressing of your walls and your floor.

A themed decoration

Nothing better than to accessorize your living room with the theme of the chicken and the rooster. You will obviously be able to find pretty round ceramic statuettes to place here and there but better still, you will play on decorative items made from chicken wire , this mesh with hexagonal meshes used for aviaries. You often find it on old pantries or rustic buffets. You will find it today on lampposts, baskets, mirrors, for a very countryside effect. Get inspired! Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"