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Create a rock garden

Create a rock garden

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Are you leaving the sloping areas of your garden? Consider creating a rock garden by mixing stones and plants to obtain a space that looks natural and fits perfectly into the landscape. To help you, here are some basic tips and rock garden ideas, in pictures.


On the natural slopes of your land or on a garage descent for example, the place is ideal for placing your rock garden. It can also be done in a flat garden, provided you recreate slight reliefs.

The stones

If you have stones in your garden, use them. Otherwise, go to garden centers to supply yourself with pebbles (see the Truffaut stone models). The rule of thumb is to always prefer stones from your region, to recreate a natural-looking space.


Xavier Gerbeaud recommends using dwarf conifers (junipers, spruces, pines, etc.) to create the background for summer and winter decor, cottoneasters or lavender. For the rest, choose plants that adapt to dry and poor soils, of all sizes to create a harmonious whole. You will find many ideas of varieties to plant in your rock garden on the website.

The specialists

If you do not dare to start alone in the development of your rock garden, consider contacting landscapers in your area. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"