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Climcover: a decorative covering for air conditioners

Climcover: a decorative covering for air conditioners

Climcover a modular aesthetic solution to dress the outdoor units of air conditioners. Explanations.

What is Climcover?

Designed by a decorator, Climcover is above all a decorative solution for an outdoor air conditioner unit. More than a cover, it is a decorative and aesthetic covering which respects the air flows and whose numerous openings have been made to allow the best ventilation.

What does this skin look like?

It looks like a slatted case which hides the outdoor unit of the air conditioner, which is always unsightly. The slats are made of wood or prepainted aluminum. In its wood version (PEFC certified), the slats are customizable, making it a unique and adaptable solution.

How is it installed?

Climcover is sold as a kit. Modular and adjustable, it has been designed to adapt to all installation constraints thanks to three versions and three standard sizes. It is suitable for the vast majority of systems sold in France and in Europe.

What deposit for Climcover?

Big names in climate such as Clim + (Saint-Gobain), CD SUD (Mitsubishi) and the manufacturer Atlantic adhere to the Climcover concept and present it in their catalog. In addition, the cover is made in France.

How much does it cost ?

Climcover prices start at € 450. The product is sold throughout France. To know more : Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"