10 tips to create a nice office area in an adult room

10 tips to create a nice office area in an adult room

Do you need a desk area, but no space outside the bedroom? With a few tips and the right tips, anything is possible. Open your eyes wide, we take stock of the reflexes to have to optimize your room with a decorative and functional office area at the same time!

1. We choose the location of the office

Ideally, the office area in a bedroom should be near the window, to enjoy maximum natural light. And avoid turning your back on it as much as possible, so as not to receive the sun coming directly onto the computer screen! For the rest, it is moved as far as possible from the bed, but it is placed near an electrical outlet, just to avoid pulling cables throughout the room.

2. We delimit the space

For arrange a nook in a room having another use, the first reflex is to delimit the space. Clearly, to separate the "sleep" area from the "work" area, even if they are side by side! In a large room, we consider a false partition: door, screen, screen, separation shelf, mini glass roof ... In a small room, we put on paint or wallpaper, with an accent wall, or even a geometric shape or a simple strip.

3. We harmonize the style

Delimit the space, yes, fit out a baroque office area in a minimalist room, no, under penalty of modifying the function of the room. The workspace must remain discreet and therefore integrate with the existing: we adapt the furniture, from style to color, to the decorative spirit of the bedroom. If the whole is mouse gray, no neon yellow desk corner!

4. We suspend the office area

Creating an office area in a small room can give the impression of cluttering the space. In this case, make way for space saving solutions! There are many desks to hang directly on the wall to leave the floor completely clear. Others can even be folded up when not in use, from folding boards to wall secretaries.

5. We hide it

Another option is to hide the desk as much as possible when not in use. In this case, it is integrated into the furniture using a table painted in the same color as the wall, for example, or a shelf integrated into another piece of furniture, from the bedside table to the headboard. And why not arrange the office area in a closet, open for work, closed the rest of the time?

6. We dare the two-in-one with a versatile office area

If the room is really small, integrate an office can turn into a puzzle unless you think about versatility: a desk can also be used as a bedside table, headboard or dressing table. The only condition is that it must be perfectly stored when you are not working on it.

7. We plan storage

For a functional office area, it is practical, depending on the configuration: shelves above the desk, a bookcase next to it, a storage unit below, a trolley on wheels to move, a perforated table on the wall ...

8. Clean the office

Since we have already added an additional function to a part which in theory should only have one, the watchword is: discretion. Hence the importance of storage! Avoid the desk overloaded with pencil pots, stacked books and exposed cables, unless it is hidden in a closet. On the contrary, we store and purify as much as possible to lighten.

9. We think of light

A optimized workspace has its light, as small as it is. If the desk is fixed and spacious, we choose a nice decorative desk lamp to ask. To save space or with a folding desk, we think of portable lamps and wall lights. As for the office corners fitted in a niche or closet, we are considering recessed or simply glued spots!

10. We choose the right seat for the desk

As for the office chair, it's all about balance, and the balance is subtle… The right seat must combine comfort, style and practicality. A stool is only possible for short work sessions, without which the backrest is essential. On the other hand, we avoid the maxi armchairs in a small room, the casters on a carpet or the chic boudoir armchair in an industrial decor!