Give a natural style to a kitchen for 350 euros

Give a natural style to a kitchen for 350 euros

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If you like to walk barefoot in the grass or stroll around picking the first country flowers then there is no doubt that nature style suits you. Symbolizing freshness and vitality, this style also goes perfectly with the decoration of a kitchen where good humor is paramount. For 350 euros, here are some tips to bring nature into your kitchen.

Green in main color

When we talk about the nature style, the color green naturally comes to mind. In a kitchen, you will appreciate this shade which brings vitality and well-being. At Joseph Joseph, you will find many kitchen accessories in vitamin green such as the kitchen timer (€ 19.90), the folding cutting board (around € 14) or the storage bin for cleaning products (around € 27 ).

Get inspired by the plant world

The vegetable patterns go well with cooking because they inspire freshness and health. You can opt for an exotic touch with the myCocooning clock which represents a rolled up banana leaf (35 €) and, for a more rural atmosphere, choose the Cocobohème clover slate sticker (from 18 €). To add a touch of more vivid color, hang a lamp symbolizing a flower on the ceiling like the purple Yumelight lamp (€ 69).

Bet everything on bamboo

In total adequacy with the natural style, bamboo is the ideal material for the kitchen because it is resistant and ecological. Thanks to the bamboo trolley (around 150 € at Greenweez), you can store fruits and vegetables. This material can also be found in your kitchen utensils (5 kitchen accessories at € 17 at Sophalys) or in your salad bowls and trays with the Exotic Bamboo collection by Luminarc (salad bowl from € 13).