How to clean the glass of its insert?

How to clean the glass of its insert?

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Multiple cleaning tips

The first thing to do when you want to clean the glass of your fireplace or insert stove is to bring newsprint. This solution is undoubtedly the most widespread and the most economical. It consists of moistening the newspaper and then dipping it in ash. Because the ash acts as an abrasive, it is ideal for removing traces from your glass. But ashes are not the only natural solutions possible for washing insert glass.

We can also bet on the essential white vinegar ! This can be mixed with salt or baking soda for an even more effective action. In the first case, just use a spray bottle to spray your preparation (vinegar + salt) directly on the glass. In the second case, you must dip a cloth in a mixture of water and white vinegar and then sprinkle it with baking soda before using it to rub the glass.

In the same way, you can also use soda crystals (2 tablespoons to mix with hot water) or clay stone (rub on a damp sponge). Of course, nothing prevents you from using products specific to insert glass. Some even recommend applying a special oven cleaner or glass cleaner. And finally, you can also use the steam cleaner. The latter being very effective and easy to use.

Our tips for regular maintenance

As with the rest, the fireplace insert panes require regular maintenance if you do not want them to be dirty.

To avoid spending your life cleaning the insert panes and to make your life easier, here are some tips to remember:

  • Clean the windows of your insert when they are still lukewarm. You will see, the cleaning will be more efficient and faster.
  • Prefer hard woods (such as oak or beech) and certified for heating and avoid treated, agglomerated, resinous and recovered wood. Make sure your wood is firewood and that it is completely dry. In this way, you will avoid stubborn residues which clog the glass panes of the insert as well as toxic and chemical fumes which emanate from it.
  • Leave enough space between the wood and the glass when using your fireplace / stove. This will allow better air circulation and avoid clogging the glass.
  • Check the seal of the insert door. If the seal is no longer waterproof, the glass will tend to get dirty more easily. But that's not all, in addition to being dirty, the heat output of your fireplace / hearth will no longer be optimal. To find out, take a sheet of A4 paper, open the door of the insert and slide it by moving it up. If the sheet gets stuck, the seal is in good condition. If it slips, the seal must be replaced. It's your turn !