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How to avoid domestic accidents? All our advice

How to avoid domestic accidents? All our advice

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Domestic accidents include all of these more or less serious and largely preventable daily sores. Fall, burn, suffocation or intoxication, the accident quickly arrived, in particular for the children or the seniors… And if we put all the chances on our side to avoid them?

We put away to avoid domestic accidents

This is THE number 1 rule for avoid domestic accidents. We pick up the dog or children's toys so as not to slip on them, put the knives in a drawer so that children do not catch them and we do not leave the gas lighter lying by the fireplace! With clumsy children or weakened seniors, moreover, we take the opportunity to unclutter the passage and facilitate circulation. Result? Less of risk of falling on a slippery carpet or knocking on the corner of a piece of furniture. Large bulky furniture is therefore avoided, the corridors and doors are kept clear and the carpets are avoided. Good news, minimalism is trendy.

We fix the furniture and stabilize the floors

Unbelievable but true, domestic accidents involving dresser falls are legion. And because a young child who decides to climb on furniture always finds a way, we take the lead by firmly fixing all unstable furniture in the walls. Hardworking, but the peace of mind is well worth the effort. Second step, we tackle the soil! Nothing worse than a mat that slips to ensure falls, and regardless of age. To limit the risk of domestic accident, we fix carpets and mats with non-slip textiles or a suitable adhesive tape. And if a renovation is planned, we choose a coating that does not slip, inside and out: polished parquet skids as much as terrace tiles wet with rain. We also think of non-slip mats in the shower, the bathtub, even the bathroom or the hallway.

We move dangerous products away and bring useful objects closer together

We are not done with the storage: the dangerous products are the cause of countless domestic accidents. To prevent children from trying to drink the glass product or worse, all risk products are placed out of reach. Medicines, cleaning or maintenance products, gardening or DIY, lighters, matches, weedkiller or ultra-powerful glue ... We store everything in high and tightly closed cupboards. Oddly, the reverse is also valid and storing too far away from everyday objects regularly used can cause household accidents. Since the efforts required to go to recover them are increased tenfold and worse, sometimes push children or seniors to climb on a stool to go and recover them!

We monitor children as much as possible

With subjects a bit oblivious, in other words children, monitoring is best prevention of domestic accidents. You know the saying, it only takes a second ... A second for the baby to fall off the changing table or for the little ones to step over the window. We are human, okay, and certainly not infallible, but we keep both eyes on the little ones as much as possible. And we redouble our vigilance in the kitchen, in the bath, near the fireplace, a body of water or a swimming pool. A very simple tip for limit the risks ? Unplug all unused electrical equipment and store cables. Children will not be able to inadvertently operate the mixer or trip over the computer wire.

We equip ourselves against domestic accidents

Plan B, valid especially for children or for frail people, we secure everything that can be. And believe us when we tell you that accessories designed to avoid domestic accidents are legion! There are some to secure doors, windows, toilet seat, fridge door, drawers, cupboards, electrical outlets, etc. As for the security barrier at the top and bottom of the stairs, it is essential. Many connected objects can also help to install a good surveillance and security system. Good news, modern appliances also makes life easier for parents! The radiators no longer burn, the induction plates limit the hot surface and cool instantly, the ovens have cold doors, the water heaters limit the maximum temperature of the hot water… We think about it with each change of equipment and we opt, by the way, for pots with removable handle. A useful reflex to prevent children from catching a handle sticking out of the hob!