A refrigerator for my studio

A refrigerator for my studio

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When you move into your first apartment, the refrigerator is one of the first items of expenditure. So to reconcile practicality and economy, we opt for a "table top" refrigerator. Explanations.

Why choose a table top refrigerator?

In a first apartment, often of modest size, we choose the table top refrigerator for its space saving aspect! Its dimensions are ideal because it measures 80 cm in height and thus allows it to be integrated into a dedicated space under the worktop. If you do not have this space, know that you can arrange it anywhere and use the top as a work surface or to place a microwave for example. And since installing the first time at a certain cost, this type of refrigerator has the advantage of being one of the cheapest on the market. You will find it from 100 euros.

How to customize your refrigerator?

And so that your refrigerator is completely to your taste and participates in the decoration of your apartment, the kitchen being often open to the room, think of customization. Be aware that there are many stickers that you can stick to give it a personal style but there are also stickers dedicated to this appliance, like those offered by the editor Placard & Nous. So the sticker takes the whole dimension of the door and really transforms it. If you don't want to stick anything on the door, if the fridge belongs to the owner for example, prefer the magnetic model which can be removed very easily! Discover our selection of table top refrigerators: