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5 things to know about soda ash

5 things to know about soda ash

White grainy powder (not to be confused with baking soda), pecarbonate of soda consists of water, salt and chalk. Thanks to its many properties, it is a natural and non-corrosive cleaning product, which we like to use indoors and even outdoors. At the same time stain remover, whitening, disinfectant, degreaser and deodorant, it is a miracle product to have absolutely at home. We tell you moreā€¦

1. A magic powder with multiple attractions!

Sodium pecarbonate is a solution based on carbon, sodium, hydrogen and oxygen. This solution delivers oxygen in contact with water, hence its nickname solid oxygenated water. It is for this reason that it is used for the maintenance and cleaning of habitats. Indeed, it has many properties. It is a stain-removing, whitening, disinfecting, degreasing and deodorizing product. The good news ? It is a product with low impact on the environment which easily replaces other chemical cleaning products such as bleach. And because good news never comes alone, pecarbonate of soda can be stored easily and durably, in a sealed container protected from heat. Always remember to protect your eyes and skin when using pecarbonate of soda as it can be mildly irritating if not handled with care and in reasonable amounts.

2. A multi-purpose cleaner

As you can see, the properties of pecarbonate of soda are numerous. That's why we like to use it as a cleaning solution. Pour a tablespoon of powder into a spray bottle with half a liter of hot water. Let cool a few hours before using it. When it's ready, you just have to spray the surfaces to be cleaned: inside and outside of kitchen appliances, work surface, shower walls and sinks ... It can even be used as a deodorant for a cat litter or as a descaler for coffee makers! Pecarbonate has almost no limit. The only surfaces that do not appreciate it are aluminum as well as oiled, waxed or painted materials.

3. Effective laundry

Since it is an economical and non-corrosive bleach and stain remover, pecarbonate of soda is ideal for making your own laundry. It is readily used to restore radiance to slightly dull clothing or to clean up stains embedded in fabrics. In practice, it is easy to use for washing in the machine as well as by hand. Attention, avoid overdose and this, especially for colored clothes!

4. An excellent stain remover for carpets and rugs

We told you, pecarbonate of soda can be used as a spray. And fabrics like sofa covers, upholstery or shower curtains can perfectly receive this cleaning solution. Especially since it is very effective against mold. Remember to rinse thoroughly with clean water after gently rubbing the areas to be cleaned and allow the fabric to soak. For larger surfaces such as carpets or rugs, you can use 2 tablespoons of pecarbonate of soda in a large bowl of hot water. Rub, leave to act then rinse with water before allowing to dry.

5. A good patio cleaner

If pecarbonate of soda proves to be a great ally for indoor maintenance, it is also very useful for outdoor use! Indeed, it allows to give back the shine to a terrace (wooden in particular). Not only is it a good cleaner but it is also an excellent degreaser that eliminates moss, mold and other fungi. Mix 20 to 40 g of pecarbonate of soda per liter of water (the quantity may vary depending on the type of material of your terrace) and sprinkle your terrace with the preparation. Scrub with a broom and rinse thoroughly with clean water after each use. In the same way, you can use this solution to whiten your outdoor furniture like a garden furniture in gray plastic and yellowed by the weather.