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The terrace shelter to enjoy its exterior in summer and winter

The terrace shelter to enjoy its exterior in summer and winter

To take advantage of the garden as long as possible and in almost all weathers, a solution: the terrace shelter. It protects from the sun, even from the rain, even from the wind, even from the cold, it embellishes the terrace and nicely prolongs the house ... You hesitate? We take stock.

What exactly is a patio shelter?

In the broad sense, the terrace shelter designates any structure intended to protect a portion of the terrace from the elements, from fixed structures to those of removable canvas. You follow ? We would therefore classify both shade sails and parasols, arbors and pergolas, the terrace roofs or even the verandas among the terrace shelters! Out of habit, the terrace shelter, however, rather designates concrete structures. In all cases, it is a landscaping which gives cachet to the outside and protects from wind, rain, sun, even cold. What to enjoy your garden furniture longer, or even summer and winter!

How does the patio shelter work?

The base of the terrace shelter, these are two or four posts and a fixed roof structure. For the rest, it's all about style, price and configuration!
• The shelter can be leaned against the house, therefore resting on two pillars and leaning against a wall, or freestanding, placed on the terrace on four pillars and completely independent of the house.
• The structure can be opened, or closed on one or more sides by glass walls to insulate from cold and rain. The walls can be fixed or opening veranda style, fitted with blinds with manual or controlled opening, etc.
• The roof can be closed or perforated like a pergola, openable or not, manually or automatically. Glass roofs can even have a system of controlled blinds to protect from the sun.

What materials for a patio shelter?

Again, it all depends on the budget and the style desired! Industrial trend requires, aluminum structures and glass roof are particularly popular. Attached terrace roofs, supported by wrought iron structures, add a touch of traditional charm to a country house. As to wooden structures like arbors and pergolas, they are solid, durable and authentic, probably the most classic for a traditional garden. Attention, the maintenance differs according to the structure and the materials… Aluminum does not require maintenance, the wrought iron a treatment every ten years approximately, the wood every two years on average. As for the glass, it will have to be cleaned. The principle is more or less the same price side: wood is generally much less expensive than metal, but it all depends on the size of the patio cover chosen.

How to install a patio shelter?

In the case of a small wooden pergola and a good level of DIY, it is possible to install yourself a terrace shelter: it is then a question of drilling and screwing the supports in the terrace or the wall, then assembling the roof on it. For those who are considering a patio shelter with aluminum structure and glass walls, however, we let the pros do it: the budget will be higher, but security guaranteed!