The rules for fitting out a pretty wooden extension

The rules for fitting out a pretty wooden extension

Think carefully about its wooden extension

We can’t say it enough develop an extension well, better think about it upstream. Since a wooden extension can enlarge the house to create an additional bedroom, extend the kitchen or move the dining room, add a bathroom ... and why not fit out an office or even a veranda?

Clear, the use of the wooden extension largely defines its layout and the technical installations to be provided: openings for windows, heating installations and above all, water or electricity supplies for light fixtures, sinks, showers, baths or WCs, washing or washing machines -dishes. All must be planned before arriving at the insulation and finishing stages of the extension!

Create a bright wooden house extension

The secret of a wooden extension sublimated? Boost the brightness. Because the cubic extensions are often low in ceiling, and the windows are not always sufficient, we put on an airy arrangement which privileges the space and lets circulate the light. Ideally, we think of thinking from the design of the extension project to its orientation and its sunshine, in order to provide the right number of windows or bay windows.

But in all cases, no question of clutter, we purify, we choose the pieces of furniture to highlight to avoid overloading and we accumulate tips to enlarge or illuminate. Light colors, mirrors to reflect the luminosity… and luminaires, integrated or not, depending on the expected electrical arrivals!

Harmonize the layout of the extension with the rest of the house

As with any house extension, a wooden extension can well display an ultra-modern look with wooden cladding on a cubic frame, the interior design must remain in harmony with the rest of the house. In general, therefore, we avoid creating a 100% industrial kitchen there if the whole house declines the bohemian style or combines chic classic codes ... unless you redo the rest of the decor.

If it can play the contrasts outside, inside the extension must integrate at home. Concretely ? We define the main lines of the style of decoration of the house to apply them, too, in the extension.

Harmonize the layout with the wooden extension

Surprise, the rule also applies in the other direction! The advantage of wooden extensions is to be able to adopt many architectural styles, classic or contemporary. And everything is possible, from the one that integrates visually into the existing structure to the one that plays on modern contrasts on an old structure. As a result, the chosen style also gives guides to the future development of the extension.

For example ? The development of a contemporary extension can keep a rural decor to adapt to the rest of the house, but we would benefit from sliding a designer sideboard or more modern chairs to remind the outside spirit.

The right details for a wooden extension: floors and walls

A wooden extension is in principle against an existing wall, and even if it is drilled to communicate the new structure with old, some parts remain. No question of keeping it as it is, so the goal is to forget that it was previously outside! Ideally, it is doubled to coordinate it with the rest of the interior smooth partitions, but nothing prevents it from being completely removed.

Same topo on the ground side, the simplest way to build a wooden extension consistent is to coordinate it with the other interior floors. By choosing the same covering, the extension will enlarge the entire space and will integrate more easily with the existing decor!