What are the rules for a perfect winter garden?

What are the rules for a perfect winter garden?

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What is a winter garden?

The winter garden is a green relaxation area. It hosts many ornamental or exotic plants, but above all it helps protect the most fragile plantations that are likely to fear frost. Very popular in the 19th century, this type of structure allowed castle owners to exhibit their collections of tropical plants and palm trees brought back from the other side of the world. It was a place that allowed guests to receive tea time. Today, the winter garden aims to be less prestigious and more accessible, but it is still much appreciated for its conviviality.

Built in glass, the winter garden is often akin to a greenhouse. The difference ? The greenhouse has an agricultural production objective. Like the latter, the winter garden is a place of relaxation that allows you to enjoy nature all year round.

Where to install a winter garden?

The winter garden should benefit from maximum sunlight. It generally finds place in a veranda or in a greenhouse. But you can also design this haven of peace in a room under a glass roof or in a patio. And if no layout is possible, nothing prevents you from imagining a mini winter garden in your interior. The idea is to reproduce the same environment in a dedicated corner. Prefer a well-lit space close to an outside opening and avoid placing plants too close to a radiator.

The essentials of a winter garden

To design a winter garden worthy of the name, there are a few things to consider. The first, as you can see, is light! Then, you must imperatively choose a weather-resistant structure like steel. Remember to provide an efficient ventilation system to allow your plants to develop properly and avoid the proliferation of molds inside the glass surface. Beyond the plants, a winter garden is not complete if it does not contain furniture. Choose comfortable furniture and seats to create a real cozy nest ...

Plants to favor for a winter garden

The advantage of a winter garden is that you can put all the plants of your choice in it! To begin with those which cannot support the freshness of winter and the frost. Your winter garden then becomes a refuge for all crops grown above ground.

For a tropical and exotic winter garden, choose palm trees, cacti and succulents. For a bucolic winter garden in the countryside, prefer flowering species, hanging or climbing plants. Do you like Mediterranean style? Why not take advantage of your winter garden to grow small citrus trees such as lemon and mandarin trees? Finally, those who like Zen and Japanese atmospheres can adopt bamboo, bonsai or azaleas. In other words, the varieties of plants to install in a winter garden depend above all on the decorative style that you want to reign there ...