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What are the cool colors?

What are the cool colors?

What is a cool color?

The cold colors are those that evoke a feeling of freshness, as opposed to those that evoke heat. It is a metaphor used to distinguish the visual effects produced by the different colors.

In summary, a cool color is a color containing blue, the only cold primary color. If the cold tints include the whole range of blues and greens, a blue will therefore always be colder than a green, which is obtained by mixing blue and yellow… while yellow is a warm color.

You understood, a warm color is therefore conversely a color containing yellow or magenta, and the range includes all yellows, reds and the vast majority of roses. Violets, resulting from mixtures between blue and red, can be hot or cold depending on whether they are more blue or red! The electric purple is rather cold, the plum rather hot…

Each cold color can also be more or less depending on the mixture of colors it uses. The higher the proportion of yellow, the colder the color. An anise green, tinged with yellow, is therefore warmer than an emerald green. Same principle with a turquoise blue, warmer than an ice blue which does not contain a hint of yellow.

The cool colors in decoration

In interior decoration, cold colors are used to create atmospheres natural, plant or aquatic. They evoke the sky, the plants, the water, the sea, the forest or the ocean, the jungle or the lakes. They are considered relaxing, conducive to relaxation for the green, to creativity for the blue. The other side of the coin? If the space or decor is not suitable, beware of the clinical effect of cold colors.

In terms of decor styles, cool colors are favored in contemporary atmospheres, industrial, but also in country decorations. They are widely acclaimed in water rooms, an aquatic effect requires, from bathrooms to WCs ... but also in bedrooms, for their Zen and soothing side. In all cases, cold colors are preferred in bright rooms, preferably facing south.

How to associate cold colors?

The only ruler with cold colors is to avoid the icy atmosphere in the living rooms. The rustic decor is the perfect illustration of this: warm, yet it gives pride of place to pastel blues and greens, but warmed by a profusion of wood.

So we don't hesitate to combine cold colors to natural materials and above all, to play shades to enrich the decor. Wooden furniture, a beautiful knitted plaid and a fluffy carpet always make an impact. An other idea ? A touch of brass, copper or gold metal gives character to the cool colors!

If the room or the atmosphere is suitable, conversely, nobody will prevent us from playing the graphic cold. In this case, the blue, green and purple are perfect with glass and steel, concrete or any other raw material. Take a look at loft inspirations, whose maximum brightness is often tempered by cool colors!