How to maintain and clean a bay window?

How to maintain and clean a bay window?

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How to clean the windows of a bay window?

The real obstacle for good cleaning a bay window ? The surface. Since there will be no miracle, it will be necessary to spend a minimum of time to obtain clean and shiny windows. In terms of products, however, nothing rocket science, and no need to invest in a product with competition windows. On the contrary, grandma's recipes are often the most effective!

First option, we recycle crumpled newspaper in a ball and slightly moistened. The thing is strange when you've never tested it, but all the pros know it, swear. We rub as with a cloth over the entire surface of the windows, it shines like on the first day.

Second option, white vinegar. The household magician effectively degreases, shine the bay window in less than two and is easy to use: pour it into a spray, spray the window and then wipe it off with a microfiber cloth or special clean glass. Be careful, if the bay window is very dirty, it is better to plan to change the cloth along the way. And for those who use an ultra-concentrated white vinegar, it can be diluted with water. Another tip? Warm, white vinegar is even more formidable!

How to maintain the windows of a bay window?

A bay window is not just glass, and we forget it too often. The majority of bay windows are sliding and therefore mounted on rails with drainage holes. Those which do not slide have ventilation and joinery in aluminum, wood or PVC, most often. And these elements also need to be maintained once in a while to stay in good condition!

On the side of bay window uprights, the method consists in passing a sponge without a scraper soaked in soapy water, such as a mild dish soap or black soap, before rinsing with clear water. In all cases, aggressive or toxic products are avoided which, in addition to polluting the indoor air, may attack the finish layer of the joinery. You can also opt for a spray of white vinegar and a microfiber cloth, quite simply. And we do not forget the handles, real nests for microbes!

Second step ? We vacuum the drainage holes, along the bay window rails and on the vents to get rid of all the accumulated dirt. Dust, hair, feathers, pollen, twigs, earth, sand, wires ... With a sliding window, we also check that it slides well on its rails and if necessary, we add a drop of lubricant on the mechanical parts, after having check the instructions on the user manual.

How often to maintain a bay window?

It all depends on the location, since the higher the pollution, the faster the bay window gets dirty. As a general rule, we count at least once a year for joinery, rail and holes, or even every six months in town when the window is subjected to higher pollution.

As to bay window panes, the cleaning rhythm also depends on the weather, the season and the degree of perfectionism: the rain dirty the glass, the heating in winter can create a condensation which leaves traces and the addicts of cleanliness require mirror glass cleaned all the weeks ! The average is twice a month in heavily polluted areas, once a month in the countryside.