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Trend: adopt the bird cage in its decor

Trend: adopt the bird cage in its decor

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The bird cage, the new essential decoration

It is found in all collections of major brands, it invades the capsules of designers, and is available even in all forms: stickers, wallpaper or mirror, the bird cage is the essential decoration that we need. And if it is a hit, it is because the shabby chic trend is a hit, a trend whose star object is none other than ... the bird cage, well done, you are following.

For the record and for short, the shabby chic style combines cottage inspirations, English romanticism and vintage softness in patinated whites and flowery roses. And without going to the total look, his favorite objects can add a note of bucolic sweetness to our interiors to counter minimalism and other contemporary trends. No one prevents you from mixing, by the way!

And to find it? As we said, the big decoration brands all have their version. The real bird cages can be found in pet stores, and the most authentic are the old models: vintage bird cages track and track themselves in flea markets, garage sales, on auction sites or sales between individuals. On your marks, ready, search.

What do we do with the bird cage?

No need to look very far, the Bird cage can be posed in the decoration, quite simply, like any decorative object. On a shelf or on the table, it decorates very gently and can accommodate a staging with small characters, fake birds, or even books if the shape is suitable. And why not hang it on the wall like a painting? As for those who dream of more daring ideas, do not panic, we have found them.

Decorative suspensions with bird cages

Difficult to make simpler, we hang a bird cage on the ceiling or on a beam, we slip some decorations and we admire. Be careful, all the same, the devil is hiding in the details. To pay tribute to a beautiful vintage bird cage, we hang it with a matching chain rather than an unglamorous cord. We do not hesitate to play the accumulation by varying sizes or styles provided that the colors are harmonized. And above all, we take care of the hanging to avoid seeing the beautiful cage fall on the table, or worse.

A bird cage in a vase

Tired of too classic vases? We twist the decor by sliding the flowers in beautiful bird cages. Divinely patinated old cage to sublimate a bouquet of dried flowers, freshly repainted cage in bright white to highlight the colors of a bouquet of fresh flowers? We dare everything to boost the romantic potential of the cage. And you can even slip a moss ball in which to plant the flowers, to create a real floral composition perfect in the center of the table.

Bird cage lights

This is a simple idea that warms the decoration, inexpensively for a lot of effect! For the express version, a large candle, a tealight or LED lamps placed inside the bird cage provide the romantic atmosphere, in the garden as in the living room. Want to push the concept a little further? We hang them outdoor bird cages in front of a luminous decoration or better, one slips solar garlands there. As for the expert handyman, they will transform the bird cages squarely into real light fixtures, using them as suspensions to pass an electric wire through the top before screwing the bulb to the inside.