Video: build a green wall

Video: build a green wall

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Do you want to build a green wall in your garden? Wondering how to grow flowers vertically? Stéphanie Taffin, landscaper, shows you the procedure to follow. Simple and effective, his technique uses roasting and sphagnum, and requires no special skills. In addition, the green wall will require little maintenance. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or a beginner, do not hesitate to follow his advice on video!

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The structure of the green wall

First, you need to shape your fence. It will constitute the structure of your green wall. Cut it out and fold it to make a solid square, with enough space in the middle to swallow sphagnum. Dip it in water, then wring it out before filling your square generously. Wet, it will be easier to work.

The plantation

Once your square is filled with sphagnum, it's time to move on to planting. This is done in "bare roots". That is, the plants should be introduced into the soilless sphagnum moss. Take the plant and separate it from its pot. Then remove the soil that surrounds its roots. First by hand or with a small tool to scrape, and finally by soaking them in water. This operation makes it possible to rinse them better, and to keep only the hair of the plant. The hardest thing is done ! You just have to dig a small hole in the sphagnum to insert the roots of the plant. Once you have slipped the latter, tighten the sphagnum by compacting slightly. Repeat with several plants to flower your entire wall. As an indication, there are generally around thirty plants per square meter. You just have to stack your grid squares to build a nice green wall. The only maintenance he needs is regular watering. You now have the keys to mount a beautiful green wall in your garden. The opportunity to banish gray concrete walls, and green your spaces even more! Find Build a green wall on Produced by Minute Facile.