How to maintain a sheepskin rug?

How to maintain a sheepskin rug?


It will indeed be necessaryproceed with delicacy so as not to damage your pretty sheepskin while ensuring effective maintenance. It is indeed a fragile and natural materialwhich always needs to be handled with the greatest care.

Synthetic or natural?

Before you start cleaning your carpet, take care to check if it is a synthetic or natural sheepskin. Indeed, the second, more fragile, will ask you for more precautions.

Regular maintenance

First think of clean regularly your sheepskin rug. A few simple gestures will allow you to keep it in shape longer. So once or twice a week, vacuum your carpet carefully taking care of well respect the direction of the hair so as not to damage it.

Use from time to time a card for'eliminate lintand thus allow your sheepskin to maintain a beautiful appearance. Also think about regularly take out your sheepskin rug by placing it outside, in the shade, for good ventilation of its fibers. This little trick will guarantee it to keep its full volume.

Remove a task

As soon as a task appears, rub it gently with a wet cloth or sponge and Marseille's soap. Then rinse with a wet washcloth and let it dry your carpet without exposing it to the sun or any other source of heat. You will then find a clean sheepskin

Eliminate bad odors

A sheepskin rug can end up giving off unpleasant odors, mixture of dirt and animal skin, especially if you walk on it regularly. If such odors appear, sprinkle on your sheepskin rug baking soda. Wait about 12 hours in order to give the product time to act then vacuum your carpet carefully, always in the direction of the hair. Bad smells will only be a bad memory.

Choose the right products

Maintenance, and in particular cleaning of a sheepskin rug, require the use of very specific products. It is therefore advisable to favor a washing special wool care which will treat the wool part of your carpet gently. Regarding the underside of your carpet, the skin part, it is recommended to use a special product that does not damage leather. In all cases, ban all chemicals or detergents that would damage the sheepskin.


You can wash your sheepskin rug by hand and machine. In the first case, start by soaking your carpet in a bath of lukewarm water and special wool cleanser. This step helps soften any dirt. Then brush your sheepskin following the direction of the hair to clean it well and remove all the dirt.
Washing in a washing machine should only stayoccasional and at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees. Do not use the spin function of your machine. This will allow you to preserve the beauty and suppleness of the sheepskin.


Do not dry your natural sheepskin rug in the dryer ! It would be a real disaster for him! Sheepskin should always dry out ambient temperature. You can place your carpet outdoors, always in a place in the shade. Indeed, the sun has the disadvantage of altering the color of the sheepskin.

The dry cleaning

If, despite all these tips, you are still apprehensive about starting to clean your sheepskin carpet for fear of damaging it, do not hesitate to entrust it to a dry cleaner. This professional has all the products and know-how which will restore all its beauty and softness to your sheepskin.