20 things to throw away for a tidier interior

20 things to throw away for a tidier interior

1. Damaged or stained clothing

Are you the type to keep all your clothes? Bad idea. What is the point of cluttering yourself with damaged, stained clothes or clothes that no longer fit you? Take a day and sort your closets, sort through your clothes. Just keep the ones you put on regularly and sell or give away the ones you don't like or don't like. Finally, throw away clothes that are punctured, nibbled by moths, stained or otherwise. They are unrecoverable. You will save space in your dressing rooms and will be able to better organize them.

2. Out of order shoes

What is the use of keeping shoes with holes, with the sole all damaged except that they take up a lot of space? If you have children, for example, they grow up, change shoe sizes and often change pairs of shoes. Don't keep them! Just like clothes, sell, give away or throw them away. If of course, the pair is too worn (holes, stains, peeling soles ...), the question does not even arise, we throw!

3. The broken hangers

Rather than putting aside hangers that have given way under the weight of the clothes or that have broken for any other reason, throw them away. Do not put them in a corner saying to yourself "I will fix them later" because there is a good chance that you will never do it. Throw all your hangers out of use.

4. Rusty clothespins

Rusty or broken, the clothespins are useless for you, so you might as well get rid of them, even if it means buying new ones. In addition, a rusty clothespin can stain your clean clothes, fresh out of the washing machine. It would be a shame, right? So throw it away!

5. The broken laundry basket

It happens that we persist in keeping things broken, but what good is it? A laundry basket, split or with one handle less, clutters you more than anything else. You risk hurting yourself, dirtying your clean clothes when they fall from your laundry basket or sowing half of your clothes on the washing machine-drying route. Throw away your laundry basket and re-invest in a new one!

6. Empty boxes

Regarding empty boxes, it depends however on their condition, on the quantity of boxes you have, if you have a garage or a cellar to store them, on your consumption of boxes, if you move soon ... Have some boxes but also a few boxes on hand can be useful in certain situations. To store, send a parcel or other, we advise you to keep a few in good condition and throw everything else away. There is no point in keeping the packaging of your appliance, which is no longer under warranty, for example.

7. Empty perfume bottles

Ladies, this message is especially for you. Certainly, perfume bottles are today true masterpieces for certain brands. But there is no point in accumulating them on the shelf or in the bathroom cupboards. A real dust nest on the shelves, they will also take up space for nothing. So let's go to the glass!

8. Expired cosmetics

We don't think about it systematically, but most cosmetics have expiration dates. Sort your makeup, creams and other beauty products regularly and throw away any that are out of date. It is best not to smear your face with moisturizer that has expired 2 years ago ... The same goes for medication!

9. Extra toys

If you have children, this kind of problem will surely happen to you. Between birthdays, Christmas, the gifts of godparents, friends or family, your children are overwhelmed by toys. Sort them out regularly. On the one hand, you teach them to sort and on the other hand, you free up space in their bedroom or in the playroom. So of course, if your children's toys are in perfect condition, we strongly advise you to give them away or sell them on the internet or in the empty attics. Broken toys are to be thrown away without regret!

10. The books

Many people like to buy their books rather than rent them from the library. However, once they have read them once, they store them in their living room or library and never reopen them. However, some people love to keep them as decorative items, especially if they have a library (it is better that the shelves are not empty). If for you, the books take dust and clutter you, it is high time to sort. Sell ​​some, throw away the other damaged and out of use. The best ? Borrow his books from the municipal library and bring them back when finished.

11. Unnecessary paperwork

Everyone has piles of more or less substantial papers at home. Take a weekend to sort them out and take the opportunity to throw away all those that are useless to you. Used ones, old shopping lists, receipts from 3 years ago ... Throw, throw, throw!

12. Used supplies

Broken pens, tubes of dried glue, rolls of empty scotch tape, sticky notes that no longer stick, dried felt tip pens… in short, you know what we are talking about! Everyone has a drawer, a basket or a box with pens, felt-tip pens or other unusable supplies at home. Take a large sheet of paper and test your pens, markers and highlighters one by one and throw away the ones that don't work anymore.

13. Used batteries

If the batteries are not to be thrown in the trash, there are several collection points where you can bring them such as the recycling center or the supermarket. Bins provided for this purpose are available so that you can dispose of your used batteries.

14. Split dishes

If you have a habit of keeping a broken or damaged glass or plate, it is best to get rid of it. On the one hand, it is dangerous the day the dishes burst and on the other hand, it clogs your cupboards unnecessarily. Take advantage of a rainy day, for example, to sort your dishes and throw away the damaged ones.

15. Unnecessary utensils

There is no point in keeping 8 ladles, 12 spatulas or 3 mashers… By keeping utensils that you never use, you only clutter your kitchen cupboards. Give or sell the ones you think are unnecessary or have a duplicate and discard the others if they are damaged or out of order.

16. Expired food

Time is passing and we do not necessarily notice that the expiry dates have passed for several months, even several years. This is sometimes the case with canned food that you accumulate from race to race and forget to eat. Sorting in the cupboards should be done regularly, about every month to be sure not to waste by throwing out expired food.

17. Defective appliances

Do not burden yourself with defective appliances if they are no longer under warranty. Try to fix it or have it repaired by a family member who tinkers and if it's wasted, throw it out. Don't embarrass your garage, cellar or attic with devices that no longer work.

18. Jars of jam

If you're the type who tells yourself you're going to make homemade jams, do it. Because if you keep 50 jars of jam for nothing, you will clutter your interior ... for nothing! Keep a few to test your motivation and throw the rest to the glass.

19. Glass yogurt pots

Ditto for the glass yogurt pots. If you want to transform your yogurt jars into candle jars or to put your makeup on, it's a great idea! But if you keep them all each time, you're only going to collect glass.

20. Withered plants and flowers

Finally, do not hesitate to throw away your ficus if it has no more leaves or your bouquet of roses once faded (even if it was darling that gave it to you). Nothing prevents you from keeping and drying a few petals as a souvenir. Throw away your wilted plants and buy beautiful ones! For those who do not have a green thumb, think of succulents such as cacti or aloe vera or ... false plants! Why not ?