How to choose the right fabric for your furniture?

How to choose the right fabric for your furniture?

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1. According to your tastes

When fitting out your interior, you must make several choices so that the rendering is homogeneous. But it is difficult to realize before buying your furniture, sofa and decor. To choose the right fabric, the first question to ask yourself is what do you like? What colors attract you, the atmospheres you like, the materials to favor ...? Take the time to think about all of these questions.

2. Depending on the mood to create

After a little brainstorming that helped to rule out what you didn't like overall, think about the mood and style you want to create in your interior. Are you rather attracted by the shabby chic atmosphere, the Scandinavian decor, the chalet style or by the industrial decor or the vintage? The choice of your upholstery will depend on the atmosphere you want to create at home.

3. Depending on usage

What is the purpose of your upholstery fabric? Is it purely decorative, for daily or occasional use? It's up to you to choose whether you want to choose the fabric for your sofa, your reading chair, your dining chair, your bar stools or your curtains. Prefer a robust and easy to clean fabric if it is the fabric of your sofa and conversely, a velvet fabric for example for your decorative ottoman.It all depends on how you use your furniture! 

4. For what type of space?

The upholstery fabric is also chosen depending on the type of space. Is it for a student studio, a second home, an apartment to rent or your main accommodation? If it is a dimly lit space, we opt for light colors to avoid darkening the room more, for example. Also, is it a matter of choosing the fabric for a living room (future sofa, bar chairs, armchairs), for a laundry room, for a child's bedroom or for the parental bedroom…? You will not put the same colors, the same materials or the same budget from one room to another.

5. Compared to your budget

Unless you have carte blanche, you will have to set a budget for yourself. Because prices can quickly climb! By setting your budget, this will allow you to discard overly expensive upholstery. Establish quotes andtake your time to decide and select a good value for money. Rushing on the first comer because it seems affordable may perhaps make you regret later.

6. Choose the right color

The choice of color, or where things get tough. Choosing the color that appeals to everyone is not always easy. But after answering all of the previous questions, chances are you already have a little idea. Prefer light shades (sky blue, powder pink, apple green, light gray…) if you choose for a Scandinavian atmosphere. For a chalet style, anthracite gray, brown and red are great choices, for example. For shabby chic decor, white is THE main color. You can also opt for printed fabric with patterns more or less pronounced. A flowery tablecloth or with exotic patterns can be a great idea to decorate your interior sparingly.

7. Choose the ideal material

Silk, velvet, linen, cotton, suede, leather… There are many textiles and the hardest part is choosing between all of them. For a vintage style, opt for leather or suede. Conversely, velvet or lace blend perfectly into a shabby chic interior. And for a pretty bohemian or Scandinavian decor, we opt for cotton or linen. However, mixing styles and materials can add charm to your interior, provided of course that you have taste!