How to set up a small office? (the room)

How to set up a small office? (the room)

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1. Choose the right place

The first thing to do to set up a small office is to properly choose the room that will become your workspace. If you are in the middle of renovating your house, have a room built for your work. If you are planning the new apartment or house that you have just bought or rented, think carefully about the room you are going to choose for your office. Will the room above be used to make a guest bedroom or will you make it your workspace? Up to you…

2. Clear the room

Once you have set your sights on the room that will become your office, make sure clear so that nothing is left behind. Of course, if you have just finished building your new house, the room is empty and ready for conversion!

3. Give it a makeover

If you think that some work is necessary, do not hesitate for a second, better to start from scratch!Before fitting out your room, refresh it to start with white paint on the walls. Then, you can completely decide to install tiling, parquet or seagrass. In any case, choose colors and materials that give you well-being because you will spend time in your office (especially if you are self-employed).

4. Optimize space

Think carefully before setting up your small office to gain maximum space. Depending on the layout of your room, opt for a corner, U-shaped, L-shaped or straight desk. Remember to use the height by installing storage space up to the ceiling but also the walls by fixing wall shelves. In short, be clever!

5. Set up your work surface

After choosing your office according to where you were going to put it, your tastes and your budget, we move on to its installation. Take into account the exposure of the room as well as the arrangement thereof. The best is to carry out a plan upstream. Avoid facing a window so as not to be too distracted or catch the light in your face but also avoid putting your back to the light, at the risk of seeing nothing on your screen because of the reflection of it. this. Otherwise, the best option is to install blinds.

6. Choose a comfortable seat

Very important, the choice of your seat should not be overlooked. Your office chair or armchair must be ergonomic and comfortable ! Because spending 7 hours a day on a piece of scrap metal is far from pleasant ... So we go to furniture stores, we try several and we leave with the most comfortable chair.

7. Focus on lighting

Almost as important as the seat, we tackle the subject of lighting. To work in good conditions, it starts with install good lighting. To see clearly, not to spoil your eyes and create a pleasant atmosphere, choose your lights carefully. Having a natural light source is great, but if it's not possible, artificial light must be particularly well chosen.

8. Install maximum storage space

For a tidy place, it is still necessary to have lots of storage (functional, practical, useful and beautiful as long as to do!). Wall shelves, high storage, cupboards under the desk… here too, let your imagination run wild install a maximum of storage in a minimum of space without loading the part to the point of suffocating. And bet on the storage boxes! The more storage you have, the more your space will be functional and aesthetic, the more you will work serenely.

9. Equip your new office

Once the desk, the chair, the lighting and the shelves and storage are installed, it is high time toequip your new room ! Trash, post-its, pens, printer, highlighters ... get everything you need to work in excellent conditions and not miss anything.

9. Decorate it according to your tastes!

Then comes the last step, the room decoration or the most enjoyable time for many of you! Succulents, succulents, ficus or other plants, start by bringing a little green into your new workspace! Photos, souvenirs, wall decoration, carpets, decorate your office to create a pleasant space, where you feel good.