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5 tips to avoid odors in the kitchen trash can

5 tips to avoid odors in the kitchen trash can

1. We sanitize with white vinegar

Before hiding the smell of trash in the kitchen, you still have to make sure that the trash is clean. Since in the event of a leak at the bottom of the tank or of residues stuck to the walls, even a clean, new garbage bag scented with lavender will only serve as a cover-up! First step, therefore, we empty everything and we disinfects the trash from top to bottom with a sponge or brush impregnated with white vinegar, without forgetting to put on gloves. Performed every fortnight on average, the operation limits the proliferation of bacteria, and therefore odors. As long as you handle the bottle of white vinegar, moreover, you can take the opportunity to soak a paper towel or even a slice of stale bread with white vinegar, to place at the bottom of the garbage bag to limit odors . And in troubleshooting, you can also spray directly into the trash a mixture of white vinegar flavored with essential oil of lemon or tea tree.

2. We absorb with baking soda

Champion of bad smells, baking soda has an amazing ability to absorb them. Yes, he definitely knows how to do everything, and of course, please. No question of buying chemical deodorants, as expensive as bad for the planet or health, we are content with two tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate poured directly into the trash, at the bottom, before placing the trash bag. Renewed every week, the bicarbonate absorbs unwanted odors and for fans of fresh scents, just add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil for a 100% eco-friendly freshness effect.

3. We deodorize with lemon

Another one who knows how to do everything in the household, odors included. If a lemon wedge absorbs odors in the fridge, the principle is the same in the trash, and the bark may even be enough. To avoid the scent of garbage in the kitchen, peel the lemon, collect the rind and place it directly at the bottom of the bin, under the garbage bag. We change it about once a week, and to vary the pleasures, we can even add a few orange peels.

4. We borrow the cat litter

After all, if the litter absorbs the odors of animal waste, it can absorb the kitchen trash odors. And it works, since it suffices to proceed exactly as with baking soda: we line the bottom of the trash with newspaper covered with litter for cats, before installing the trash bag. As with the tomcats, we then change the litter as soon as it is wet.

5. We perfume with coffee

The advantage of coffee is that it absorbs odors like baking soda, but at the same time perfumes its strong aromas. First option and provided you consume it regularly, you just throw it in the trash coffee grounds or non-recyclable pods. Second option for a more lasting effect, we deposit ground coffee or beans directly at the bottom of the trash, on a plate or simply in a sock. It will be enough to change it when the smell of coffee disappears.