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How to repaint a lacquered piece of furniture?

How to repaint a lacquered piece of furniture?

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Sand the furniture

The very first thing to do when you want to repaint a lacquered piece of furniture is indeed to properly prepare the surface to be repainted. This step therefore consists of a careful sanding of the furniture which will in particular remove the shiny appearance characteristic of lacquered paint. If your furniture is large, choose an electric sander, ideal for large surfaces. Sand, taking care to make circular movements. Make sure you don't forget to also clean the corners. For a smaller piece of furniture as well as for finishing work, choose sandpaper. The coarse grain is perfectly suited for leveling surfaces. To standardize the whole, sand the whole piece of furniture with fine-grained sandpaper.

Clean the surface to be painted

Sanding effectively removes paint but also creates dust. Once this first step is finished, it is therefore advisable to wash all of your lacquered furniture. Use a damp cloth for this. You will be sure to remove all dirt and paint residue from your furniture. You will then get a very clean surface: the new paint will hang better and the result will be flawless. Your paint, applied on a clean piece of furniture, will be perfectly smooth and unified. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to be sure that you have thoroughly cleaned your furniture down to the smallest corners and grooves.

The choice of new paint

Several options are available to repaint your lacquered furniture. Indeed, you can first of all decide to give a new lacquered appearance to your furniture. Then choose colored or white decorative resin that will allow you to obtain the desired result. You can choose the same color or decide to choose a new one, according to your tastes. You can also opt for a mixture of colors by painting, for example, the uprights in one color and the doors and drawers in another shade. You can also repaint your furniture with a simple lacquer paint. The result will be just as aesthetic, but will not give you the transparent film effect of the initial paint.

Repaint the furniture

If your furniture cannot be dismantled, place masking tape on the areas that you do not want to repaint or for which you intend another color. Start by applying a coat of white acrylic paint if the previous color was dark or very bright and the new one is lighter. This will prevent you from passing too many coats of the new color: you will get the desired result faster. Then let the furniture dry for 3 hours. Once the drying is finished, carefully sand the entire surface then clean again to remove all the dust again.

Then apply the new paint. For angles and edges, prefer to use a brush. For flat surfaces, use a roller with which you will make sure to stretch the paint well. Cross the paint well with each of your passages then standardize everything by a last pass made only in one direction. The thinnest layers are those that provide the best rendering.

Let the first coat of paint dry for 12 to 24 hours.

Then apply a second coat always using the same method. Depending on the result and the coverage obtained, you may decide to apply a third coat after also respecting the same drying time as before.


It is better to wait a few days before using your repainted lacquered furniture again. This will allow you to be perfectly sure that the paint is completely dry.