Zoom on the tropezian terraces

Zoom on the tropezian terraces

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Tropezian terraces have never been so popular, especially in the southern regions. Kevin Kelly, manager of Kelly Projects, is building more and more. It explains everything you need to know.

What is a tropézienne terrace?

The tropezian terraces, or roof terraces, are terraces which are fitted out to replace part of the roof, in the lost roofs. This is mainly done in renovations. For the past ten years, they have been in great demand, especially in village houses which often do not have a terrace or garden.

What are the advantages of a roof terrace?

The tropezian terraces are very pleasant to live in. They represent an additional living room. They offer a beautiful view over the roofs. They are generally sheltered from the wind. They are quiet because they are isolated from the street and from the neighbors. In summer, they are sometimes a bit hot during the day but you can shelter them from the sun. But in the evening, they make a very pleasant outdoor dining room. We use them a lot before and after the season. The stone stores heat during the day and releases it in the evening. Finally, a roof terrace brings real added value to the house with a total return on investment.

How do you build a roof terrace?

In general, in the lost attic, there is no floor. It is therefore necessary to start by laying concrete beams and pouring a concrete slab. Then we make the seal, which is the most important part, without forgetting the evacuation of water. Then only, the roof is removed. We coat the walls and put a floor covering: tiling, wood or, more often, composite wood. Indeed, when you are close to the sea, the wood requires regular maintenance which can be tedious. If the terrace is on the top floor, you must close the access by a French window or a bay window. But most often, the terrace is located above the top habitable floor. It is therefore necessary to install an access staircase.

How can you arrange a roof terrace?

You can install a pergola or a shade sail to protect yourself from the sun. You can also provide a water point and a power outlet, which then allows you to create a real summer kitchen. And put plants, for example, of course.

How much does it cost to build a roof terrace?

It is difficult to answer because it is only case by case. To give a fairly wide range, let's say that for a Tropezian terrace of around 20 m², it takes between 15 and 30,000 euros. But it can start lower and go much higher.

How to find a serious company to build a roof terrace?

The best is to call on a general contractor because a roof terrace involves different trades: mason, roofer, waterproofer, tiler ... Otherwise, it is possible to contact a waterproofer who will put you in contact with other complementary professionals. As far as we are concerned, we operate in the southern region. To know more :