6 things to know before buying a baby crib

6 things to know before buying a baby crib

The different types of cradles

There are several types of cradles, each with its advantages: rocker, on casters, fixed… But all have a common specificity, that of well-being of your baby.

  • The cradle Rocking is not new and is still very much appreciated by young parents today. Indeed, you can gently rock your baby to make it easier for him to sleep.
  • On casters, the cradle has the advantage of being able to be moved from one room to another without worries to keep baby close to you in any room of the house.
  • The cradle fixed, more traditional, offers a reassuring security for parents due to its stability.

Safety first

First of all, know that there is a European safety standard -NF EN 1130 - for cradles. Of course, you may be attracted by a design model or a model at an attractive price, but always check before buying the cradle that it meets the safety standard. The bars of the cradle must respect a certain spacing (6cm) to prevent the baby from passing through, if you opt for a cradle on casters, these must be equipped with brakes ... So make sure that your future cradle ticks all security level boxes!

Baby comfort is essential

If safety criteria are extremely important, the comfort of your future baby is also essential. As adults, we spend almost a third of our lives sleeping, so imagine the time a newborn baby spent sleeping. When you know that a baby sometimes sleeps up to 8 p.m. per day, the comfort of the cradle is therefore not negligible! So the choice of mattress is important. Prefer a relatively firm and thick mattress while being at the same time soft for baby's comfort.

Convenience for parents

In choosing a cradle, practicality is also a decisive criterion for future parents. As we mentioned above, the cradles on casters are very practical because the casters allow parents to move the cradle from one room to another with a snap of their fingers. Another model, the travel cot which is also useful when you go to eat with friends for example. he folds and unfolds easily, does not take up space and is lightweight and easy to carry. There are also extendable beds that parents can keep longer as the baby grows.

Value for money matters

Finding a cradle with the right price-performance ratio is sometimes not so simple. This is why, we advise you to take the time to learn about several models, several brands whose reputation is well established.No need to invest a fortune, however in a cradle when you know that baby is growing at an incredible speed…

Design also counts!

And yes, design is indeed one of the criteria for selecting a baby crib. If a few decades ago, the design aspect was not necessarily important, today it has become. Many models and brands have appeared on the market and the offer has become important. The choice of models all prettier than each other can become complex.