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10 mistakes to avoid when making custom furniture

10 mistakes to avoid when making custom furniture

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Mistake # 1: Not defining what the furniture will be used for

Before you start anything, the first mistake to avoid is to do not define the use of the furniture. Is it a worktop, a bathroom furniture, a shelf or a sideboard? First you need to define in what room will he go and what will it be used for to be able to carry it out according to your needs and expectations.

Mistake 2: Taking the wrong dimensions

Whether it is the room or the future piece of furniture, it is absolutely essential take the necessary dimensions to the successful completion of the latter. Depending on the destination room, do not do things by halves. It is better to take more dimensions than not enough and better to repeat it several times rather than making a mistake in the measurements. So take into account the surface of your room, the space available as well as all the measurements (width, length, depth, height, etc.) of your furniture and write them down on a plan.

Mistake # 3: Failure to plan

Nothing better to visualize your furniture than realize your plan on paper. Draw a very detailed diagram of all the measurements that you have previously noted. Do not hesitate to redo it clean, with the rule and with several colors if necessary, so that it is very visual and comprehensive.

Mistake n ° 4: Not preparing your tools upstream

If you do not want to spend your life going back and forth in DIY stores, we strongly advise you to prepare all necessary materials to the successful completion of your furniture. Tools, materials, paint, glue ... plan everything you will need through a list

Mistake # 5: Not establishing a maximum budget

Another error: the budget. It's important to quantify the cost of production of your furniture. When you draw up your list, write opposite the amount that this or that element represents. If you do not want to bother with this, still establish a max budget not to be exceeded or a range more or less precise. Notice to small budgets, it can quickly cost!

Mistake # 7: Choosing Poor Quality Materials

Even make your own furniture, as much as it is resistant to time, solid and of good quality. And this essentially involves the choice of materials. Put the price on it if you don't want your furniture to deteriorate over the years. Your raw material must be of excellent quality and robust so as to withstand any knocks or the weight of the objects that you expose on it. And who says robust says thick, varnishing ...

Mistake n ° 8: Not planning enough

Imagine that you are in lack of this or that material. You go to the store where you supplied yourself at the beginning of your realization and, unlucky, what you need is out of stock for 3 weeks or worse, no longer available. So to avoid this, it is better to take more than not enough. You very often have the possibility of returning what was not useful to you, inquire however upstream with your sign.

Mistake n ° 9: Making a mistake in the cutouts

It happens to everyone make mistakes in the cutouts, then to avoid that, we take our time and we take the right steps from the start. If you make a mistake, it may be possible to catch the fault or transform this error into an asset of the furniture. In all cases, mark your materials where you need to cut them out with a pencil.

Mistake # 10: Failure to assemble and install correctly

And finally, last mistake to avoid when making custom furniture: its assembly and installation. Make sure you have good brackets, strong nails, ultra strong glue according to your needs. Do not hesitate to add brackets or nails to make your furniture more solid. It is the same for installation: secure your furniture against the wall if necessary. Once again, better to have more fixings than not enough.