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Replace an old outlet

Replace an old outlet

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Replacing an old outlet often causes apprehension in the individual. Electricity is indeed perceived as very complicated and unstable. Nevertheless, the manufacturers have made great progress and today, anyone can manage to replace an old electrical outlet himself.

Replace an old socket: locate the wires and prepare the ground

The first thing to evaluate when replacing an outlet is to determine the quality and length of the cables that arrive at the previous outlet. Before handling anything, it is necessary to make sure that they no longer transport electricity by blowing the circuit breaker or the fuse, then to check their quality. These can then be cut and stripped again using a simple pliers. By detaching the old plug, it is also often necessary to clean the place in which it was embedded.

Replace an old outlet: new outlet, new models

A simple socket can then be optimized by a variator or three-phase power. This choice depends on the future use of the electrical outlet. To choose the right model, you have to determine what you are going to plug into the socket. Anyway, two classic fittings are necessary for the vast majority of models, which leaves the possibility of considering many uses. With a few tips and by choosing the right equipment, it is very easy to change your socket yourself to obtain a significant improvement.