Install tubular conduits

Install tubular conduits

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To insulate, in humid or underground places, sensitive electrical wires whose protection must be taken particularly seriously, tubular conduits represent a secure solution. These can be installed by an individual with a minimum of material.

Install tubular conduits: rigid but simple to lay.

Completely hermetic, the tubular conduits are designed in a resistant and flexible PVC alloy at the same time. This material allows the necessary flexibility in tight spaces without doubting the effectiveness of the insulation. Most conventional pipe diameters are a few tens of millimeters, which offers the possibility of passing them behind devices discreetly. What is more, the tubular conduits are easily cut thanks to the PVC alloy. A simple saw or large pliers allow all the necessary cuts to be made. The use of suitable elbows is also essential for installing a large protection network.

Installing tubular conduits: the layout, all the difficulty

Fixable with conventional jumpers, while taking care to choose the right diameter, the tubular conduits do not pose any difficulty of installation. It is also possible to use necklaces or glue. Several simple possibilities are therefore possible. The only obsession must remain for the individual, to respect the network which must pass in the conduits. To do this, a route on the walls of the route to be followed is essential.