Erase graffiti on a wall

Erase graffiti on a wall

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They can delight amateurs but also annoy the tenants of a building whose common areas are repainted. Tags and graffiti must sometimes be removed from the walls of public places in particular. Some techniques to find an immaculate surface.

Erase graffiti on a wall: clean or repaint

When a graffiti has been drawn on a wall, the first solution is to try to pass a high pressure cleaner on the surface. Sand or hydro-scrub can be effective. Then, solvents can be applied, in the form of special wipes for example. A large brush soaked in water and baking soda can also be passed over the wall by rubbing. Finally, it is possible to stamp the drawing to be removed with a cloth dipped in white spirit. Each time, several passages can be useful to remove all the paint marks. If the tag persists, the last step to take is to re-paint to hide it. Again, several layers may be required.

Erase graffiti on a wall: limit damage to the wall

Techniques exist to prevent the appearance of graffiti. The wall can be covered with anti-graffiti paint. This product prevents the paint on the tag from drying out and therefore from penetrating the wall. The passage of a wet sponge or a sprayer should be enough to clean. In the same way, a protective film can be applied to the facades. It should be removed after each tag that goes away at the same time. Finally, a special varnish can be applied to protect the wall.