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Save energy on lighting

Save energy on lighting

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Lighting represents a significant cost in the annual electricity bill. Saving on lighting involves simple actions, such as turning off the lights at the exit of a room, but also by purchasing small economical equipment.

Saving energy on lighting: developing good habits

The basic principle consists in favoring natural and direct lighting. For this, the arrangement of the furniture is important so as not to shade a room. Just as the simple fact of having clean windows favors the entry of light. Dust like dark shades also affect the performance of a lamp. In garage and cellar type outbuildings, it is preferable to opt for a timer in order to avoid a forgotten light.

Save energy on lighting: choose the right bulbs

Incandescent lamps must be replaced by low consumption class A bulbs. Conventional lamps produce more heat than light, unlike low consumption lamps. The latter also have a lifespan more than 6 times longer than traditional lamps. Also, even if they are more expensive to buy, they are a profitable investment, especially in living rooms. Also avoid halogen lamps, which consume a lot of energy.

Review your outdoor lighting

Infrared presence detectors can illuminate a garden only when a person passes within the range of the detector. This allows in particular not to forget a lamp that will burn overnight, for example. With a low initial cost and a free cost of use, solar lights also represent savings on your bill.