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Lay a wall frieze

Lay a wall frieze

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The installation of a wall frieze allows you to twist the decor of your interior at a low cost, and very easily! It adapts to all supports and brings depth to a room. The diversity of materials (paper, wood), patterns and colors of the friezes lends itself to all desires! There are directly self-adhesive friezes or glue friezes on the market.

Installing a wall frieze: before installation

Start by determining where you want to place your frieze. You can position it where you want, but be aware that the rendering will be very different depending on whether you place it close to the ground or a few centimeters from the ceiling. This plays in particular on the depth of the room. In general, the wall friezes are placed one meter from the ground. Make sure that no element (switch, socket, etc.) is located where you will stick your frieze. Use a spirit level to draw the line that will serve as a guide for the installation. Draw the top line.

How to install a wall frieze?

The installation of a frieze is identical to that of a wallpaper. Glue it, if it is not self-adhesive. Begin the installation by the edge of a window or the jamb of a door, taking care to follow the line drawn on the wall. Apply from the center to the edges to remove air bubbles. Clean any traces of glue before they dry with a damp sponge. If you have chosen to install a wooden frieze, fix it with a wood glue following the same rules as for the installation of a paper frieze. Paint with the color of your choice.