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Apply a tadelakt coating

Apply a tadelakt coating

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Very fashionable for a few years, the tadelakt immediately brings sunny accents to your decor. And indeed, it almost feels like a Moroccan riad! This lime plaster with water can be used both indoors and outdoors. Very easy to apply, the tadelakt coating can be easily removed, like a wallpaper.

Apply a tadelakt coating: preparation of the wall

Start by dusting and then washing the surface on which you want to apply the tadelakt coating. Then proceed to the application of a special tadelakt undercoat, which you will allow to dry for 24 hours. As with other effect plasters, pour the product into a bucket and add the dye of your choice. For a perfect homogeneity, stir with a paint mixer for a drill.

Application of tadelakt coating

Apply the first coat of tadelakt plaster with a flat brush, starting at the edges. For the rest of the surface, you can use a roller. Deposit the material by passing the roller vertically, then horizontally, without adding any product. Let dry about thirty minutes. Spray water in fine droplets. Then mash the plaster with the trowel, taking care to start at the top of the wall. Let it dry for a whole day.

Apply the second coat of plaster, which should be thin. Crush the plaster in all directions.

Once it no longer sticks, smooth it with the trowel to remove the reliefs. Let this second coat dry for a whole day. Finish by applying a layer of wax with a vegetable sponge, from the bottom of the wall. Raise in circular movements, large and light.