Organize storage under the bed: all our tips

Organize storage under the bed: all our tips

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Organize storage under a classic bed

Most standard beds have an empty space under the box spring, it's an opportunity to store bulky items, linens and much more. Measure the height and width of this unoccupied space and buy wheeled boxes low enough to slide easily. You will find all kinds of models, the best being to opt for transparent models with lids that offer good visibility of their contents and effective protection against dust. Then file each type of object in separate boxes, household linen on one side, seasonal clothing in another for example. Save even more space by compacting winter quilts and coats in vacuum bags.

Optimizing vertical storage under a loft bed

A high bed, also called mezzanine, saves space on the floor, but you can optimize this furniture to the maximum with a few accessories. You can easily install hanging modules such as vertical fabric shelves and clothing organizers and other belt organizers. Many systems of retractable hooks or rods can adapt to the space under the mezzanine. Depending on the bed model, you can even hang the hangers directly on the box spring to create your space-saving wardrobe.

Store under a drawer bed

The models of drawer beds are specially designed to optimize storage in the bedroom. There are beds with one to five drawers or built-in compartments and available in various styles. Regarding storage, the most important will be to check the strength of the casters and the dimensions of the drawers according to your needs. Perfect for household linen or flat objects, these drawer beds are very aesthetic and particularly functional.