Focus on the entrance doors

Focus on the entrance doors

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The front door is a building element of which the French are increasingly concerned. Firstly because it is decisive in the general interior and exterior aesthetics of a house, but also because it secures and insulates it! Industry professionals have shaken up traditional gateway codes in recent years. Not only the choice of decoration is extremely vast, but it now offers a thousand and one tips to secure everyday life.

Entrance doors get a makeover

What progress has been made since the traditional rustic wooden door! The materials available today are varied, and accommodate all styles and all budgets. Aluminum, PVC, treated wood, steel… Each material has its advantages in terms of insulation, price or aesthetics. However, the great innovation of recent years remains the decor: practically everything is now possible! Bel'M offers sculpted aluminum doors or wooden doors with a Baroque decor. Hörmann innovates with the two-tone aluminum door! The choice is therefore vast to sublimate its entry as it should be.

High performance insulation

3 forms of insulation are possible for an entry door: acoustic and thermal insulation and air / water tightness. To prevent rain and wind from rushing under the door, all doors designed by Leroy Merlin are fitted with a peripheral seal between the leaf and the frame and an aluminum threshold. The Hörmann brand completes its ThermoPro range: entry doors composed of insulating double glazing. Bel'M relies on the mixture of materials (steel / PVC or even wood / aluminum) to increase the insulating power of its doors.

State-of-the-art security

Security is one of the 6 main criteria to remember when choosing a door. For basic security, there are 2 types of locks: the automatic lock (closes with a single turn of the key) and the lift lock on which the door handle must be raised to turn the key. Leroy Merlin recommends adding safety-related accessories such as the burglar-resistant angle, non-detachable hinges, the peephole, the ajar, the bar or the safety chain. Hörmann launches the KSi Thermo security door block, which includes a 5-point lock and 3 anti-hinge steel points on the hinge side; it is certified class 2 anti-burglary.