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Choose an inground pool

Choose an inground pool

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An inground pool represents an important investment that will modify the configuration of your garden and allow you to have access to a pool in the long term. Construction techniques, shape, price, dimensions, the range of in-ground pools offers an unlimited choice of parameters. Here are our tips before you take the plunge.

A swimming pool buried according to his needs

Different parameters have to be taken into account when choosing a suitable inground pool. Also, the use of the future pool is to be taken into account: swimming pool, sports area, year-round heating ... The budget is also an essential criterion that allows you to move towards an adapted model. Count at least 10,000 euros, this price may change depending on the model, work and equipment to be provided. In addition, its size will also be a factor of the number of occupants it must contain, their age, the space available in the garden.

Characteristics of inground pools

There are three main types of pools. The shell pool, which everyone has already seen standing vertically at the edge of a road, is durable and quick to install. All forms are possible for this one as the supply is large. However, the installation requires the intervention of professionals to which is added the cost of the earthwork of your land. The advantage of masonry concrete pools is that they are solid and customizable in terms of shape. The creation of its swimming pool is then accessible if you master the masonry techniques. Finally the panel pool is often sold as a kit and allows DIY enthusiasts to install it alone. It consists of metal, wood, resin panels, which are fixed on a concrete slab.

The semi-inground pool

Adapted to sloping ground, it is discreet and allows easy access. Today many above ground pools can be semi-buried. It is therefore very attractive in terms of price and represents a good alternative.