Choose a pool kit

Choose a pool kit

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From the above-ground pool to the inground pool, the kit pools offer a wide choice of models. In the prefabricated form, they are ready to assemble and have significant financial advantages.

Choosing a kit pool: the economical solution

The kit pool is often akin to the economical option that appeals to small budgets. But do not confuse kit pool and poor quality pool. The materials and finish must correspond to the standards of traditional swimming pools. Building your pool as a kit also allows you to know in detail its operation in order to economically maintain it and make possible repairs.

The choice to install your own pool kit

Not all kit pools are to be put in the hands of a beginner handyman. Indeed, to assemble a buried pool in kit, you must be able to carry out earthworks, plumbing, masonry ... . It is also here a significant gain in terms of labor. The instructions of the kits are quite clear and allow to follow, like the assembly of a piece of furniture, different stages.

Various models

Increasingly popular with families, there are multiple models of pools. Manufacturers allow you to choose several sizes, lengths, shapes, whether for above-ground or in-ground pools. It is then possible to find modern shapes and design styles. In addition, many accessories can decorate the pools.