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Choose a creeping gutter

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According to local traditions, the climate, the gutters have different shapes and fixings. If the hanging gutter is the most common solution in France, there are also so-called creeping gutters.

Creeping gutter: definition

The creeping gutter is fixed directly on the rafters of the roof or on a wooden guarantee strip installed between the rafters and the cover. Unlike the hanging gutter, the creeping gutter cannot be installed everywhere. The slope of the roof must be sufficiently steep. It is easier to install on roofs with small elements.

Creeping gutter: the profile

The Nantes creeping gutter has a very aesthetic profile. Its reading is vertical and not curved and forms an acute angle of 70 °. The gutter is called Laval when the angle is 90 °. The Le Havre, Ardennaise or Rouen gutter has a shape similar to the Nantes gutter but the angle of the curve is rounded at the base.

Creeping gutter: calibration

Depending on the inclination of the roof, the arch of the gutter will be more or less wide. It corresponds to the width of the strip of material used to develop the gutter. Very often, the creeping gutter is made of zinc, more rarely of copper or aluminum. The standard press is 330 mm or 380 mm. Do not hesitate to seek advice from a specialist. A gutter repair is expensive.